Glacier mass balance and tree rings as indicators of atmospheric circulation Richter-Menge J., Overland J., Proshutinsky A., Romanovsky V., Bengtsson L., Horton Plains, central Sri Lanka - with contributions to the recent pollen flora.


Nov 6, 2017 Figure 3: The Hortonian (left) and Saturated (right) overland flow over the hill slope (Credit: The. COMET Program). Physical Hydrology, Surface 

Moving up to the plot scale, a rainfall-runoff model coupling the Richards equation to a transfer function is used to simulate Hortonian overland flow hydrographs. Erosion by Hortonian overland flow on unvegetated small plots underlain by fine sandy silts averaged 2.45 kg sediment loss and 3.5 mm surface lowering during summer and fall, 1971, and averaged 5.58 kg sediment loss and 5.2 mm surface lowering during summer and fall, 1972. Author: Schroers, Samuel et al.; Genre: Journal Article; Published online: 2021-02-11; Open Access; Title: Hortonian overland flow, hillslope morphology and stream power I: Spatial energy distributions and steady-state power maxima 2021-04-08 · Other articles where Dunne overland flow is discussed: hydrosphere: Groundwaters and river runoff: Horton) and Dunne overland flow (named for British hydrologist Thomas Dunne). Hortonian overland flow closure relations in the Representative Elementary Watershed Framework evaluated with observations By E. Vannametee, D. Karssenberg, M. R. Hendriks and M. F. P. Bierkens No static citation data No static citation data Cite Saturation overland flow (also called Dunne overland flow) is generated if subsurface hydraulic characteristics are not transmissive and if slopes are gentle and convergent. Saturation overland flow can arise from direct precipitation on saturated land-surface areas or from return flow of subsurface water to the surface in the saturated areas (Dunne and Black, 1970).

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Am. Geophys. Union 14; Kirkby (1988) J. Hydrol. 100). See also Vigiak et al. (2006) Geomorph.

Mar 30, 2015 tree belt, of excess water generated as Hortonian flow from a pasture slope. Three rainfall events (48, 49 and 75 mm/h for 13, 30 and 30 min,  Uncertainty analysis, Sensitivity analysis, Roads, Overland flow, Flow patterns, TDR, According to Chung and Horton (1987), the apparent thermal conductivity.

Highway Tank Dam · Horton Campground · Harts Butte Bonita Lava Flow · Burro Wallow · Big Black Mesa Overland Mine · Okemah Park · Orange Grove 

SCSC 458/658 Hydrological Flowpaths and Sediment Transport • Hortonian Overland Flow • Indeed, the saturation excess overland flow concept is usually understood to include a rapid subsurface flow component (e.g., Dunne and Leopold 1978 pp. 256, 258). The writers have found that saturated areas in the Catskills headwater catchments are primarily controlled by shallow interflow, i.e., rapid subsurface lateral flows.


Hortonian overland flow. An overland flow of water occurring more or less simultaneously over a *drainage basin when rainfall intensity exceeds the Access to the complete content on Oxford Reference requires a subscription or purchase. Hortonian Overland Flow The appearance of free water on the soil surface, called ponding, gives rise to runoff in the direction of the local slope (Figure 1).

Hortonian Overland Flow.
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Online, everywhere. - listen to the first hortonian overland flow playlisthortonian overland flow including Angel Olsen, Best Coast, and Beyoncé music from your desktop or mobile device. Hortonian overland flow closure relations in the Representative Elementary Watershed Framework evaluated with observations February 2013 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 10(2):1769-1817 overland flow on many hillslopes. In fact there is a continuum of soil and climate conditions: from those with zero infiltration capacity, on which alI runoff is as Hortonian overland flow; via slopes with moderate infiltration capacities on which overland flow will occur with a 2018-04-03 · Ziegler, Alan D Tran T. Liem Tran Duc Vien We use a hydrology-based fragmentation index to explore the influence of land-cover distribution on the generation and buffering of Hortonian overland flow (HOF) in two disturbed upland basins in northern Vietnam (Tan Minh). To examine factors affecting Hortonian overland flow generation in forested hillslopes, we measured overland flow at plots in Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa), Japanese ceder (Cryptomeria japonica), and broadleaf forests of three study sites (Kochi, Mie, and Tokyo), which had different geology and climate.

Infiltration excess overland (Hortonian) flow was generated by 15 min of artificial precipitation at a rate of 4.2 mm min-1 which was roughly 2–3 times the saturated soil conductivity. To prevent algal growth in the soil a light oil instead of water was used. Overland flow, which is examined here, is an important hydrological response to storms of a catchment.
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Hortonian Overland Flow Saturated Overland Flow Sub-surface Flow Ground Water Flow. Very fast, energy waves, destructive Can be destructive CHAPTER FIVE Runoff Engineering Hydrology (ECIV 4323) Overland flow interflow Saturated overland flow Base flow 1 Instructors: Dr. Yunes Mogheir Dr. Ramadan.

These antagonistic effects imply that potential 95 energy of overland flow peaks at a distinct point in space along the hillslope. Hortonian Overland Flow, Hillslope Morphology and Stream Power I: Spatial Energy Distributions and Steady-state Power Maxima February 2021 DOI: 10.5194/hess-2021-79 8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - listen to the first hortonian overland flow playlisthortonian overland flow including Angel Olsen, Best Coast, and Beyoncé music from your desktop or mobile device.

EP67: The Psychology of Flow (from FlowPoint Podcast #12). 2021-03-16 | 41 min EP62: Ski Talk with John Horton. 2021-02-02 | 1 tim 50 min 

Rainfall can produce ponding by two mechanisms, as outlined in the infiltration section. The first mechanism involves a rate of rainfall which exceeds the infiltrability of the soil at the surface. Overland flow (or surface run-off) occurs in two cases: 1. when the intensity of precipitation that reaches the surface exceeds the infiltration capacity of the soil. This process is known as Hortonian overland flow. What is HORTON OVERLAND FLOW?

(Hortonian) overland flow may appear over short distances, mainly on agricultural land covered. with clayey till and on frozen ground where the soil  664 876 €. 1987, HORTON, SURGY MISS OVERLAND GAR, 11281'12"8, 0000138624. 138 624 € RIVER FLOW, 11581'15"8, 0000069960. 69 960 €.